The Challenge

A reliable solution to remotely control lights, pumps, signs, latches, fans, heating or cooling units, school zone flashers, street lighting controls, or any other electrical device. In order to conserve power, water or dispatch personnel.

The Solution

Contact Wireless has solved all of these problems with the NH-100 Wireless Remote Control System. The NH-100 is a product offered by Contact Wireless that allows a user to remotely control power to any electrical device. Simply page the unit using a landline telephone, computer or cellular phone just as you would an ordinary pager …… it's completely wireless, no phone line is required. The NH-100's small size makes it perfect for simple on/off applications and has the ability to "flash" the power in order to reboot a computer.

Product Detail

The NH-100 is the evolution of the Contact Wireless PT1000 intelligent remote control board that uses paging signals for activation. The NH-100 is easily integrated into any OEM equipment or industrial remote control system. The NH-100 can control any device that uses standard 120 VAC power. The NH-100 is used in hundreds of remote control applications requiring simple on off control. Unique to this product, Contact Wireless offers two standard choices of operating firmware. The Variable Time firmware allows the user to activate relays for user selectable amounts of time. This is accomplished via the command that is paged into the unit. This is ideal for applications such as park lighting or pump control where the user wishes to designate a time for the relay to be activated and deactivated. The Fixed Function firmware hard codes in the time functions for relay function at the time of programming. Thus, when a relay is activated it will do so for the time that has been pre-programmed into the unit. Applications include sirens, alarms, and external latching relays

The Contact Wireless network used to control the NH-100 is a 900MHz, all digital, satellite controlled system with over 175 transmitters located throughout NM, CO & West TX. This network provides the most extensive coverage area in the Southwestern United States. Sending control signals to the NH-100 is simple and can be done using any landline phone, cellular phone, computer, or Internet connected device.

The Contact Wireless NH-100 enables users to wirelessly extend their reach, allowing them to turn on, turn off, or reboot remotely located equipment at any time, from anywhere. Conserve energy and eliminate expensive truck rolls and third-party service contracts with the NH-100 in place.

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