Text Messaging - A Plan For Every Business


Contact Wireless's suite of texting products enables your business to use text messaging to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Our texting platforms are designed to help reach your clients and customers in the most direct way possible. As a FCC certified carrier we have access to the text messaging clearinghouses which gives us the ability to provide affordable, reliable and easy to use texting products that quickly deliver your messages to any text capable device.


TXTPAGE PRO is an expanded version of TxtPage Plus which provides versatility and added features, yet still retains its easy-to-use functionality. The service is designed for anyone needing to send short informative Text Messages to clients, customers, employees, patients, parents, students, members, or other recipients.

TXTPAGE PRO has taken the best features of TxtPage Plus and enhanced them and added new functions such as: drag and drop tabs and canned messages, language translation, off-line message forwarding, PI blackout, shared contact lists, group message size range selection, spreadsheet column selection for contact upload, and more. TXTPAGE PRO is a powerful product that enables faster, easier, more convenient Text Message communications at an affordable price.


TxtPage Plus is a web based program allowing you to send and receive text messages directly to any text capable device including: cellular phones, email addresses, tablets, digital signs, and pagers. Groups of multiple and varied devices can be created within TxtPage Plus. Canned messages can be created and a log is kept of all pages that have been sent. TxtPage Plus also makes it easy to select only certain devices for a particular message to be sent, or remove devices from the group. Perfect for use with staff communications.

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The service is designed for anyone that needs to send short informative text messages to a group of temporary contacts. Contact entry, contact editing/deleting, message delivery and message replies are all visible on one page. Easy to add, easy to send a message, and easy to view replies. TxtPage Select is perfect for daycare, car dealers, repair services, medical offices, or any situation where customers are waiting on you to complete your service or you need to contact them with pertinent or time sensitive information.

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TxtAlert™ is a simple, and very affordable group text broadcast service. We provide a private 10-digit number (long code) that is assigned exclusively to you. Any text message sent to your long code can be routed to any combination of cell phones, email addresses, text capable tablets, or alpha numeric pagers. TxtAlert™ service includes:

  • unlimited sending and receiving ability.
  • The ability to add, remove or change any member of your group at any time through a secure web based interface
  • Choose to have messages sent to the entire group, or select specific individuals in a group.
  • Provide a canned response to all received messages.
  • Text to join (opt-in) or be removed (opt-out).

TxtAlert™ offers your guests, customers, clients, staff, or neighbors a MUCH more convenient way to communicate issues directly to the people that can deal with them immediately.

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With BulkText Messaging you have the power to send out an unlimited number of individualized text messages securely with a 1-click operation from our web-based interface.

Designed to send text messages to larger contact lists with individualized message parameters. BulkText works much like an email merge. CSV contact lists (excel file) are uploaded and converted to a text format that is then sent out to clients at a predetermined window of time. Use to remind customers of appointments and payments or send a singular message out to a group (bulk messaging).

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NOTIFYall Group Text Messaging service delivers your Text Message to an unlimited number of cell phones, tablets, pagers or email on any service, anywhere, anytime! NOTIFYall is web-based with a user-friendly platform which makes sending your messages a snap. Subscribers to your text group can easily sign up for message notifications by simply texting the a Group Code Word to your exclusive Text phone number. Whether you are sending messages to internal company groups or managing Text marketing campaigns, it is easy and affordable with NOTIFYall..

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Txt-2-Win gives you the ability to create and automate text contests. With Txt-2-Win you can choose the contest length, create rules for the number of times a contestant can enter, create custom responses and set other parameters. Create a winning text message that can be sent manually or automatically based on the rules you set.

Txt-2-Win Contests are one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience while giving them a great incentive to join your opt-in promotion list. By collecting a large number of subscribers, the long term benefits of an effectively run text contest are even more valuable. Long after the winner has been drawn, you retain a large pool of potential customers who are only a text message away.

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Provide information to your customers or guests easily through text message. When a customer or guest sends your predetermined "keywords" to your unique phone number, they are sent an auto response with specific information or a hot-link to a pre-designated website or website location.  Smartphone and tablet users can click directly on any link that is sent to easily access the information.

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At Grand Targhee Resort we have limited cell phone service. We were in need of a way to communicate with parents who leave their kids in our care, both in the Child Care and the Ski School. We started using TextPage and the parents loved it! They could enjoy the day with no worries. We will be using it again next winter!

CarianneKids Club/Kids Camp Director - Grand Targhee Resort

We've found Txt-Link to be a real attraction to homebuyers in today's world of on-demand media and information.  It has also given our company and agents an additional means of differentiating us as an innovator in marketing our listings.  This simple, affordable, and effective resource has turned leads into closings for our agents.

Joe E GilmoreCo-Owner and CEO - Coldwell Banker Legacy

Purgatory Resort would like to let you know just how pleased we are with the group texting service through Contact Wireless. From childcare and ski school to janitorial services, the texting service has changed the way Purgatory communicates with its customers and staff.

Download PDF to read the full letter.

Gary S. DerckCEO - Purgatory Resort