Corporate Experience

Contact Wireless ("Contact") is the largest privately held wireless messaging operator in the Southwestern United States. The company provides more paging coverage in Colorado and New Mexico than any other paging operator nationwide. Contact Wireless also offers a suite of unique and effective enterprise-grade, web-based Text Messaging products throughout North America and Canada, all engineered and developed in-house.

Contact was founded in the 1960's to provide two-way radio and paging services to northern New Mexico. The business grew steadily throughout the 60's and 70's and in the early 80's started to move aggressively into the burgeoning paging business and several other forms of wireless communications. By 1990, Contact New Mexico was one of the leading providers of one-way paging service, two-way radio service, and alarm monitoring services in New Mexico.

In 1992 the current management led by Jon Word purchased Contact paging from Palmer Communications, a national cellular telephone operator. Mr. Word's experience had been in the then developing cellular telephone industry. The company he founded, Cellular Technology (a Cellular One affiliate in many markets), grew into one of the earliest and largest second-tier cellular market operators in the country. When Mr. Word took that company public in the late 80's and sold it to AT&T, he led a group that purchased Contact New Mexico.

Contact grew rapidly during the mid to late 90's. The paging network was expanded to over 150 tower sites throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Many of the largest paging companies in the US began offering Contact's service to their own customers as a reseller, because Contact's network was more extensive than their own.

In 2000, Contact began developing Text Messaging products with its first product NotifyAll which was awarded The Most Innovative Product in 2004 by the NM Tech Society.  Since that time, Contact has continued to develop innovative and state-of-the-art Text Messaging products that are being utilized nationwide by small and large businesses in a plethora of industries and by state and federal government agencies.

Today with over 35 years of experience, Contact is the leading provider of paging service throughout New Mexico and quickly becoming a notable provider of enterprise-grade, web-based Text Messaging services nationwide.  Contact's Text Messaging services are unique and serve a wide variety of industries for communication and marketing purposes. The simplicity, affordability, and reliability of these text services have made them extremely popular with businesses and government.

Contact is a GSA Approved Vendor, GS-35F-0282Y, and serves many government agencies across the country.