Any device with an on/off switch is capable of being operated remotely and Contact Wireless has the technology and ability to equip your devices with this incredible wireless function.  One of the great water conservation products offered by Contact Wireless is the HydroPro 1000 (WHP-1000) wireless irrigation and sprinkler timer control.  This advanced wireless control system enables the user to turn on or turn off sprinkler systems with one phone call or typed message.  The remote access is simple and easy to use.

The HydroPro 1000 can be used to operate up to 10,000 individual irrigation timers or flow valves with one phone number.  Each unit can participate in up to 32 separate groups and each group can have an unlimited number of WHP-1000's as members.  If further segregation is needed, additional phone numbers can be used to make unlimited combinations of devices and groups.  These systems are currently utilized by individuals for home systems, by universities such as University of New Mexico for sprawling campus grounds and fields, and by municipalities such as Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM.

With water conservation a paramount concern for cities, counties and states, using a device to shut down sprinkler systems when wind, rain, snow or freezing conditions arise, is critical to helping conservation efforts.  With this device there will be no more late night trips to turn off systems that have a broken sprinkler head or situations that might create hazards for local events.  Awkward situations such as watering during "no water days" which can result in "water waste fines" from local authorities, can be avoided.  The HydroPro 1000 is economical enough so even the individual homeowner or small shopping center owner can enjoy the advantages of this unique product.

The City of Albuquerque and City of Rio Rancho are already enjoying economical benefits and water usage savings.  The HydroPro 1000 was also part of former Governor Richardson's Water Innovation fund.  Contact Wireless is proud to do their part in enabling governments, entities and individuals in furthering water conservation initiatives.  For more information please check the demonstration video for the HydroPro 1000 or give us a call to discuss your specific needs and requirements.